Use Cast Iron Cookwares because of the Amazing Advantages!
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Use Cast Iron Cookwares because of the Amazing Advantages!

Sep. 14, 2021

The pots and pans we use to cook are just as important as the food inside. If you're spending your hard-earned money on quality local and organic food, I certainly hope the cookware you use enhances the health benefits.

In today's post, GAODING explores the benefits of one of my favorite cooking vessels, the classic cast iron skillet.


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1.Naturally Non-Stick

Today, non-stick pans made of Teflon are everywhere, but they are not good for our health. When heated to high temperatures, especially when the pans are dry, they release chemicals called perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) into the air.

However, cast iron cookware does not contain chemicals. Therefore, they are a great alternative to non-stick pans. For starters, once your cast iron skillet has a nice shine, it is essentially non-stick. This means you can cook with less oil, which means it's a healthy bonus!

2.Easy to clean

With cast iron, food is easily released from the pan, making cleanup a breeze. They don't require soap and food is easy to remove from the pan.

Once the food is prepared, simply serve and empty the pan. Place the pan under the sink and hot water while it is still hot, and scrape off any food debris with a metal spatula. Return the pan to the stove to dry, wipe it with a paper towel dipped in a little oil, and enjoy your meal.

The above method actually takes 30 seconds so that I don't have to scrub the pan and damage the seasoning.

3.Even cooking temperature

Cast iron pans are obviously heavy, and their weight is part of their magic, making them hold heat longer than most other pans. This works well, whether you're searing steaks at high temperatures or braising them at low temperatures. If you don't have the most reliable stove, cast iron pans can help prevent you from accidentally burning your dinner. A dinner that doesn't burn is always a win!

4.Virtually indestructible

Cast iron cookware is also long-lasting. Many people still use cast iron pans that they inherited from their parents or grandparents.

The cast iron skillet is part of our outdoor gear, and it often sits directly on the campfire when we're driving and camping. Like I said, it's nearly indestructible. Unlike any other cookware, cast iron will improve over time. The cooking surface gets smoother with each use, allowing the oil to seep into the surface and continually improving the seasoning. Really, when you have cast iron, there's no reason to buy another nonstick pan!

5.Fortify foods with iron

While it is widely accepted that cast iron increases the iron content of food, few sources have actually quantified this change. In a 1965 study, researchers measured the iron content of seven foods cooked in cast iron or glass. Acidic foods and foods cooked for longer periods of time accumulated the most iron. Even non-acidic and fast-cooking foods, such as eggs and fried potatoes, had an average five-fold increase in iron when cooked in an iron skillet.

This is especially good news for menstruating women or pregnant mothers, who have an increased need for iron.

Cast iron pans are heavy, but the extra muscle strength required to use them is worth it. In addition, most of us can use this exercise to build up our arm muscles. Contact us for the cast iron pans and pans of your choice!

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