How to Choose A High-quality Cast Iron Wood Stove
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How to Choose A High-quality Cast Iron Wood Stove

May. 21, 2022

Traditional fireplaces offer a nostalgic feel to any home. Cast iron wood burning stoves are a more efficient way to heat wood. Cast iron wood stoves can also be added to almost any home, while installing a fireplace usually requires an expensive remodel. 
Below, we take a look at some of the pros (and cons) of cast iron wood stoves. Then, we offer some suggestions on what to look for in a quality wood stove for your home.


How to Choose A High-quality Cast Iron Wood Stove


Benefits of Wood Stoves


While HVAC units typically last between 15 and 25 years, a quality cast iron wood stove will be a one-time investment that will last a lifetime. Not only are these heating units extremely durable, but they are also simple to maintain. Typically, homeowners will need to clean up ashes, apply grease once a year to avoid rusting, and other simple DIY tasks.


Wood is renewable

Cast iron wood stoves can also heat your home using renewable and sustainable resources. There is still debate as to whether firewood is a completely carbon-neutral fuel source. However, there is no doubt that trees absorb a significant amount of carbon during their lifetime, thus offsetting most of the carbon emissions released by combustion. In the case of resilient housing, people living in rural or suburban areas may be able to grow their own fuel source on their own land. Even a small patch of alder or acacia trees will provide a fast-growing source of high BTU heat for your home, usually harvested in just 10-12 years.



How to Choose A High-quality Cast Iron Wood Stove


How to Heat the stove

On the downside, learning to properly operate a cast iron wood stove can be a challenge. Unlike a home with an HVAC unit, heating your home with wood and a cast iron wood stove takes some practice and knowledge. You can't simply turn on your thermostat on a cold morning or trust that your programmable thermostat will keep your home at a comfortable temperature when you return from work. A cast iron wood stove requires a basic knowledge of best practices for burning firewood, as well as the dedication and responsibility to check the stove every 4-8 hours to make sure it has enough fuel.


How to choose stove

Are you ready to purchase and install a cast iron wood stove in your home as a primary or secondary heat source for your home? If so, keep the following points in mind. SHENGRI offers good servicce to you.


The right size

Look for a stove that is designed for the square footage of your home. If the furnace you're buying is only labeled with the BTUs it produces, keep in mind that for every 100 square feet you need to heat, you'll need about 3,000 BTUs. 


Catalytic Converters

A furnace that includes a catalytic converter will ignite the gas at a lower temperature. This not only increases the efficiency of the furnace by 25%, but also reduces furnace-related emissions. 



The best cast iron wood-burning stoves have an efficiency rating of over 85%. Anything over 80% is a good choice, although 75% efficiency is still a significant improvement over traditional fireplaces. 


EPA Emission Rates

Generally speaking, the more efficient your furnace, the lower the emission rate and the less polluting your furnace will be. While some furnaces can achieve emission ratings below 2.0 g/hr, anything below 3.0 g/hr is acceptable. According to the EPA, all cast iron woodstoves must be certified not to emit particulate matter above a weighted average of 4.5 g/hr. Many cities, such as Montreal, are increasing to a maximum of 2.5 g/hr.


Use of the stove

The best cast iron wood stove for your home depends on how you intend to use it. If you want to connect the stove to a radiator, boiler or underfloor heating element, you need to make sure the stove you buy allows for that feature. Some wood stoves are versatile. They can be used for cooking and even provide a hot water supply for your home. 


How to Choose A High-quality Cast Iron Wood Stove


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