Tips on Using A Cast Iron Pan on the Grill or on the Stove
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Tips on Using A Cast Iron Pan on the Grill or on the Stove

Jan. 28, 2022

In theory, a grill is a simple way to cook over an open fire. Fire, whether from burning charcoal or gas, is what does the cooking. The heavier and sturdier the pan, the more heat it can hold. An added benefit is that a cast iron pan also brings nutritional iron to the food. Pots and pans manufacturer GAODING shows you some tips.

Turn up the heat

Whether it's a cheap grocery store grill or an expensive monster, all grills could use a little help to get more heat into the food. While many grills, especially gas grills, can struggle with even cooking temperatures, the ability of cast iron to absorb and distribute heat makes it the perfect solution.

Pans, in particular, can be easily moved from a direct heat source to indirect cooking, giving them the ability to cook at both high and low temperatures.

Cast Iron Fajita Pan

Cast Iron Fajita Pan/Steak Pan With Wooden Base

Keep cooked food warm

Placing a piece of cast iron pan on the edge of the grill, as far away from the heat source as possible, provides the perfect space to keep food warm. The pan will stay hot, but hot enough to burn the food. When cooking a variety of items, or doing a lot of any one thing, this space is the perfect safe space to keep food warm while the rest of the meal is forming. To keep these foods from drying out, keep a box of broth on hand and pour in small amounts to keep the food moist.

Broil first, then grill or vice versa

When many pieces of meat are involved, the best cooking process is a combination of high and low temperature cooking. The high-temperature searing causes the surface to sear, giving it a perfect crust, and the low-temperature cooking period allows the meat to be cooked through to the desired doneness. This cooking method is suitable for almost any meat, but especially for steaks.

For the traditional grilling method, place the meat directly on the cast iron pan and let it sizzle for about a minute, then flip it over and repeat on the other side. After searing, it is moved to the indirect grill space and allowed to finish to the desired doneness. The reverse searing method is done in the opposite direction.

Cast Iron Pizza Pan

33CM Cast Iron Pizza Pan with Double Loop Handles

Grilling Delicate Foods

Grilling is good unless the food being cooked is small or delicate. Fish and seafood, as well as vegetables, can be a challenge. Using a cast iron skillet or iron plate will alleviate these problems. Whether it is high heat for direct heating or low heat for indirect heating, placing a cast iron pan on the grill will provide the space to safely accommodate these more troublesome foods.

Safety and Care

Cast iron does require care. Once your cast iron pan has had a chance to cool, check it for dry and exposed spots. These will require additional oiling after cleaning. This is especially true for the bottom of pans and skillets, as these areas receive the most heat.

Cast iron needs to be cleaned thoroughly so that the next dish does not smell like the previous one. Avoid harsh detergents, but use soap as needed to keep the surface clean.

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