Why Campfire Tripods Are Great for Camping
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Why Campfire Tripods Are Great for Camping

May. 09, 2022

Cooking over a campfire does require some equipment, but in the real world you need lightweight and compact supplies that are easy to carry around and still very practical to do many different things with.
Campfire kebab cooking is as simple, easy and compact as possible, but you are limited in the types of foods you can prepare on a kebab. A fire pit grill or portable grill requires a lot of bulky equipment to carry around. A campfire tripod is actually one of the best "universal" camping cooking supplies you can invest in!
Once tried, the versatility of a cooking tripod will soon be revealed and added to the "must pack" list. The tripod is not suitable for backpacking - it's too long and awkward to carry - but it is suitable for car camping checklists. A cooking tripod consists of three sturdy steel legs, a support hook attached to the center of the top attachment leg, and a length of chain to attach a pot or grill to the tripod.


Why Campfire Tripods Are Great for Camping


What is a campfire tripod? 

A tripod is a tripod that is placed over a campfire or fire pit and allows you to hang various types of cooking equipment over the fire. Most of them are equipped with a chain to hang supplies that you can raise or lower your cooking equipment to the height you want so you can adjust the cooking temperature. This is a big advantage, because cooking directly over a high fire can be too hot for most foods. Grill, oven and burner all in one!

Different styles of cooking
The Campfire Tripod allows for two basic styles of cooking. First, you can use a grill on a tripod. The grill can be lowered or raised over the fire to reach cooking temperature. Second, many different cooking containers can be secured to the hanging grill or cooked over the fire by chains, just like on a burner. These can include anything with handles from which they can be suspended, such as Dutch ovens for cooking stews and soups, and kettles for heating coffee or tea.


Why Campfire Tripods Are Great for Camping


How to use a tripod

Tripods are fairly easy to use. Most are made of three metal rods that break down into smaller sections. Once the sections are attached, the three legs spread out in a triangle around a campfire or fire pit. Finally, your cooking equipment is attached to an adjustable chain. This can be raised and lowered as needed to fine-tune the amount of heat and fire, higher for heating and slower cooking, and lower for high-temperature grilling. Somewhere in the middle are the stews and soups. After use, the legs are spread apart and the entire tripod can be folded up to create a relatively small space.


Benefits of cooking tripods

Cooking tripods provide an easy way to handle camping cooking tasks over an open fire. The benefits of a cooking tripod, in addition to being easy to pack and carry, are the ability to quickly and easily adjust cooking temperatures - regardless of the type or size of pot or pan used. Simply shorten the support chain to raise the stove to lower the temperature and extend the chain to bring the utensils closer to the campfire for more heat.
Whether you're grilling or simmering a pot of chili soup, the tripod works well. After a few camping trips, your skills at strategically setting up a tripod and centering it around a campfire will improve. There's something special about ladling a steaming bowl of soup from a cast iron pot hanging over the campfire.


Why Campfire Tripods Are Great for Camping

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