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  • Cast Iron Wok / Cast Iron Pot

  • Cast Iron Wok / Cast Iron Pot

Cast Iron Wok / Cast Iron Pot

TypeCast iron wok

Pans Type

Household wok
Metal Type

cast iron

Surface FinishPre-Seasoned
Brand NameShengri or customized
CertificationEU, FDA, LFGB
Place of OriginHebei, China (Mainland)
Model Number



Item numberSR059SR059BSR060B
Size(cm)D:24, H 8cmD:30, H:8.2cmD:36cm L: 44.5, H: 9cm
Inner box size(cm)24.5*25*9.8cm30.8*31*9.8cm41*37*13
Outer carton size(cm)52*27*41cm64*33*32cm43*38.5*27.5

Heat Source: Gas burner, camp fire

Package: Common brown / customized inner box and outer carton

Cast Iron Wok / Cast Iron Pot

Highlights In Design

Even heat distribution ---  The smooth surface helps to provide even heat distribution, improving cooking and frying, even on the grill, stove or induction stove.


Multifunctional use  ---  It can be used for frying, baking, grilling, grilling, stewing and sautéing meat, vegetables, etc.


Excellent craftsmanship  ---  Cast iron wok with side handle, easy to carry


About product customization

If you have your own idea about logo adding, accessories providing, legs’ finishing, package designing, please feel free to contact us.


Adhere to customer-centered basis, we’d like to work with you to improve user experience, product and service quality.


About using, cleaning and maintenance

Preparation for use

Clean the pan with hot water or a mild detergent.

After cleaning, evenly spread a thin layer of vegetable oil, e.g. rapeseed oil, over the entire surface. Remove excess oil with a paper towel - do not allow excess oil to accumulate in the central part

Heat the pan on a gas burner, grill or open fire until the top layer of the pan has a dark patina after the fat has evaporated (at least in the middle). The treatment can be repeated until a better patina is obtained.


It is best and easiest to clean immediately after use, while the pan is still warm.

Remove any excess cooking fat from the pan.

Pour water into the pan and bring to a boil. Remove the residue with a spatula and paper towel.Dry it.


Dry the pan and protect it by rubbing a thin layer of oil on the surface. Store in a dry place.

If patina / rust appears after long-term storage of an improperly protected pan, remove the rust with steel wool or a cleaner, wash the pan, dry and protect with oil. Repeat the patination before the next use.

Wide range of uses: They’re a versatile wok that can be used over open fires or various grills and gas burners, can be widely used to prepare meals both in camping conditions and with the family.

Advantages of use: Cast iron can evenly distribute and retain heat

Natural non-stick: Before using the wok for the first time, so that a patina forms at each use, making it naturally non-stick. 

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