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Cast Iron Wood Stove
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Cast Iron Wood Stove

Beautiful castings, good performance, and solid construction to bring you the perfect nostalgic wood stove. Premium materials like iron and crystal clear ceramic glass are brought together in a fusion of classic elegance and durability designed to heat your home and family for years to come. Cast Iron holds up very well to high heat temperatures, meaning the fire will burn at higher temperatures inside the firebox to assist in obtaining complete combustion of your wood. Moreover, reliable, cost efficient and clean burning heating solutions are provided by Shengri. For detailed information, please feel free to contact!


Applications of cast iron wood stove:

The durable high performance cast wood fireplace is widely applied in log cabins, household, large garages and shops with 2022 CE certification.


Features of cast iron wood stove: 

1. Durable and easy for maintenance: Made from cast iron, the stove can last for a life time. For daily clean and maintenance, homeowners just need to clean out the ash, apply some grease once a year to avoid rust.

2. Heat faster and efficiently: Wood-burning stoves work with radiant heat, which heats an area faster and more efficiently than warm air blown in through a home's ventilation system.

3. Low cost and economic: A wood stove can burn firewood much more efficiently compared to traditional open fireplaces, and this saving in both firewood and heating bills can help make a wood stove a very worthwhile investment.

4. Quality controlled: With 2022 CE certification and strict check procedures, the cast iron wood stove is quality and performance guaranteed.

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