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Corten Steel Pans

Corten Steel Pans has a wide range of applications, such as kitchen, outdoor camping or in picnics, parties, barbecues and other places to cook food.

Hope you can enjoy a rich outdoor life through it. In addition, high performance corten steel pans wholesale, gas burner, outdoor BBQ and firepit are provided by Shengri. Welcome to select your favored product and contact us for any questions!


Features of corten steel cook pans:

1. It can withstand high temperatures, direct flames, water exposure and other wear without deformation, burns, or scratches.

2. It comes in different sizes to meet different needs for camping out.

3. Surface treatment with vegetable oil is good for the body.


Advantages of corten steel cook pans:

1. Three quality inspections in the whole process, higher product quality, strict requirements, and layers of checks.

2. Packaging: can be customized.

3. Products can be customized according to samples and drawings, and professional guidance is given.

4. Mechanical production, fast aging, short production cycle.


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